by Jay Cormier
Jay Cormier draws upon his 20-plus years’ experience as editor of Connections to cast the Gospel stories in a contemporary setting through a series of reflections that will provoke Table Talk — insightful reflection about God’s Word as it is proclaimed at the table of the Lord. He follows the pericopes of both the Roman Catholic lectionary and the common lectionary used by many Protestant churches.

“God’s word contains multiple layers of meaning. In Jay Cormier’s Table Talk, the reader will find new insights, see connections to real life, and hear a call to a more mature discipleship. Table Talk is more than a simple conversation. It is a call to live the Christian life more fully.”
— Bishop Robert F. Morneau

“In stories, incidents, quotations for literature and life, Jay Cormier roots the narratives and sayings of the lectionary Gospel readings in the stuff of daily life, and in the imaginative life of the faithful believer. From the changing of diapers to a missed exit on the freeway, from a blind date with a young doctor to the hunt for a lost wedding ring at the town dump, he encourages the reader/hearer, in his own words for the First Sunday in Advent, ‘to pay attention and realize the many signs of God’s love in our midst.’ These immensely creative and helpful meditations, with their brief and graceful concluding prayers, should prove invaluable to preacher and teacher alike.”
— The Rev. J. Barrie Shepherd

New City Press, ISBN 978-1-56548-322-4, 208 pp., $16.95

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